Legacy Society

Individual or family gifts of at least $1,000 per year qualify for the Shepherd’s Cove Foundation Legacy Society. Gifts can be made by almost any means— cash, check, credit card, stocks/securities, estate planning, living will, life insurance, etc. From the time the gift is made until the time the gift is actually received, the donor can receive benefits. We will work with your professional advisors (or we can refer you to professionals we trust) to help you plan for tomorrow, receive maximum benefits today and create a living legacy for the important work of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice.

The following helpful information comes from the Community Foundation of Huntsville/Madison County, a nonprofit community corporation that serves all of our community’s nonprofits.

Significant giving opportunities often arise when you are making major business, personal and financial decisions. Here are a few scenarios where donating to a charitable fund could help you:

  • Year-end tax planning: You just earned a large bonus or had an economic windfall.
  • Preserving an estate: You want to leave a legacy that reflects your unique interests and experiences while minimizing estate taxes.
  • Sale of a business: You own highly-appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired.
  • Substantial IRA/401(k) assets: You want to leave a portion of your estate to charity, and you have substantial assets in retirement accounts.
  • Sale or disposition of highly appreciate stock: You have appreciated stock.

The Community Foundation has the ability and expertise to accept a wide variety of assets and to hold and invest them on behalf of the charity of your choice.

Learn more about gift options by contacting Shepherd’s Cove Foundation Director Annah Grace Morgan at gro.e1527397785vocsd1527397785rehpe1527397785hs@na1527397785groma1527397785, Development Coordinator Malarie Allen at gro.e1527397785vocsd1527397785rehpe1527397785hs@ne1527397785llam1527397785, or call 256-891-7724.