Presents to Presence…..Our Memories Connect Us

A Message from CEO, Rhonda Osborne

I don’t know about you, but for me 2018 came in roaring like a lion! It seems I am just now catching my breath. The fast-paced activities of a holiday season and requirements of beginning a new year just reinforce the importance of stopping and smelling the roses.
Do you remember when as a child you thought Christmas would never arrive and your list of desired gifts was of primary importance to you? This is quite the contrast to my Mama’s reply when asked what she wanted for Christmas. She would always say “I just want your love and for us to be together on Christmas.” She was a loved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and worked hard to have that favorite food each of her family liked.
Mama’s response rang through my mind this past Christmas as our family shared our first Christmas without my Mama. It is so much fun to watch our children and grandchildren receive their gifts, tearing off the paper and diving in. However, what we remember is the presence of our children and our grandchildren. Yes, their presence was my delightful present.
The memories that we store truly do connect us through the years. This Christmas we talked of my Mama and Daddy, and shared our memories. I may not remember most presents my parents gave me, but I certainly remember their presence!
I am forever grateful for those memories. I pray our Christmases, and the everyday, ordinary days, create wonderful experiences and memories for my grandchildren.
I am so proud to be part of an organization that provides life-changing experiences through our care and relationships and fosters the creation of memories. Wonderful experiences and conversations can happen on the end-of-life journey. Creating memories is healing for the grief that will come.
I didn’t realize while I traveled Mama’s end-of-life road that the hard conversations, like planning her funeral, would later give me peace. As she told us what she wanted, she reminisced. When she outlined her final bucket list and we planned her last earthly birthday and when she told me 90 was a good age to go to Heaven, she told me what was important to her and shared her memories.

Some of those memories were of her childhood but most were central to her relationship with my Daddy and their life together. Having my hospice team to assist Mama and me allowed me more time to be present with her. I am thankful forever for that time.
Memories connect us … forever. Create positive memories with those you love, for they will be your present one day.
As you read this newsletter, you will see evidences of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice reaching out, touching lives through life-changing experiences.
If you have memories of how someone in this organization touched you, I hope you will share those memories with us. Your memories can be emailed to gro.c1527396659mecip1527396659soh@o1527396659fni1527396659.