Planned Giving: Gifts

Charitable Bequest – You can make a lasting difference by giving assets you no longer need. You may also reduce or avoid costly estate taxes. You can leave a fixed amount, percentage or remainder of your estate. Click here for suggested bequest language to provide to your attorney.

Transfer of Stock – By transferring an appreciated asset such as stock, you receive an income tax deduction for the current value of the stock (no matter what you paid for it) without paying capital gains tax. (note: never sell stock you intend to give to charity).

Charitable Gift Annuity – A charitable gift annuity offers you income tax advantages and fixed payments back to you or you and another at attractive rates (as high as 9%) for as long as you live.

Charitable Remainder Trust – With the help of your attorney, establish a trust that offers you income tax and capital gains benefits while paying back money to you, or your loved ones for as long as you choose.

Life Insurance – Set up a new policy or name our organization as a beneficiary of an existing one. Ask us how you can also receive income tax advantages using life insurance.

IRA Rollover – Rather than take your Required Minimum Distribution, call your IRA administrator and transfer funds to our mission. You won’t receive an income tax deduction, but you may be able to help Shepherd’s Cove Hospice rather than take a distribution you would rather not take.

Real Property – You can transfer residential, commercial, forest or farm property to us and receive income tax advantages while securing your philanthropic legacy.

All of the above types of gifts can be combined or mixed together to offer you even more advantages. Call, click or email us for more information. We can help you make a difference for Shepherd’s Cove Hospice while also helping you give more to your family by lowering taxes and avoiding the headaches of estate administration.