Introducing Shepherd’s Cove Hospice

Introducing Shepherd's Cove Hospice

Shepherd’s Cove Hospice walks with families and individuals of all ages as they journey through end of life and the stages of grief, helping them understand what to expect and bringing peace, comfort, and hope.

We are a trusted leader in providing exceptional care tailored to your needs, whether it is at your bedside or in our short-term care facility that offers a peaceful, home-like atmosphere.
We are dedicated to creating an unmatched legacy of service in Northeast Alabama through our hospice care, community bereavement programs, and state-of-the-art team training that ensure an uncompromising high quality of care.

The Path Ahead

Our service area
Shepherd’s Cove Hospice, formerly known as Hospice of Marshall County-Shepherd’s Cove, has faithfully served our community for 35 years. Our reputation for compassionate care provided with a servant’s heart has not gone unnoticed. We believe that our new name and branding exudes all of our core values and our desire to go the extra mile that is seen in the passion and commitment of our staff and volunteers. From our humble beginnings as Hospice of Marshall County-Shepherd’s Cove, an all-volunteer organization in a small room at the Guntersville Recreation Center to our present 40,000 sq. ft. inpatient facility, the mission of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice in home care and at our inpatient facility is to continue to provide comfort and compassionate care to those living with a life-limiting illness regardless of their ability to pay.

Why did we rebrand?

We have outgrown our old name.  Founded as an all-volunteer agency in 1982, Hospice of Marshall County has grown continuously to care for a nine county community in North Alabama.  Our agency’s humble beginnings grew out of the vision of Gayle Roadruck from Guntersville who believed with all her heart that families nearing the end of life deserved more support than was being offered in Marshall County. The grassroots, all-volunteer, non-profit agency started in 1982, in what is now a closet in the Guntersville Recreation Center.  The entire county pulled together to get Hospice of Marshall County started. Since that time, we began serving eight other counties and having “Marshall County” in the agency name became a barrier for others who needed our care in our nine county service area.

We believe our new brand is a better reflection of who we are. For the past 35 years we have served as a community-based hospice, we believe that our heart sets us apart. Our new logo has a shepherd’s staff that forms a heart. While we are not a faith-based organization, we take our leadership from the ultimate Good Shepherd, and that shapes our heart.

We did not rebrand because of a corporate buyout or change in business leadership. We are still a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of your friends and neighbors, making decisions with our community’s needs at the forefront of our minds!